Dr. Nathan J Cooper and associates is comprised of Dr. Cooper and his colleagues Maryam Rahat, Carlin Palme, and Joel Schramm all of whom are registered as psychotherapists.  Dr. Cooper is a registered psychologist in the province of Ontario.

We offer care for individuals and couples dealing with concerns that are getting in the way of fully functioning both personally and socially.  Common concerns include: anxiety, depression, substance use, procrastination, trauma, self-esteem, relationship conflict, career indecision, and many others.  Approach to providing care is individually defined and informed by the interest and direction of each individual.  Care provision is informed by proven therapies which include but are not limited to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT).  Positive psychology is another important influence in therapy as it points not only toward decreasing negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviours but also toward increasing positive thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.  Behaviour change is complex and challenging; however, it is a very good indicator of therapy success.  Behaviour change includes decreasing problem behaviours and increasing positive behaviours and means of coping.

Dr. Cooper is passionate about self-care, particularly in the form of physical exercise and outdoor activity.  He is a former varsity athlete at Redeemer University College and was recently appointed to serve as part of a psychological support team for Olympic Athletes through a program called MyGamePlan.  He served in a leadership role in the Healthy Workplace Group, a human resources volunteer committee, at McMaster University.  He also tries to practice what he preaches by daily exercise.  He has many years of experience having been in practice at McMaster University Student Wellness Centre 2003 – 2021.  His primary role involved providing individual, couples, and group counselling services to the students at McMaster.  Dr. Cooper was also involved in the supervision of practicum placement students and in teaching communication skills to students in the Physician Assistant Education Program.  Dr. Cooper also currently supervises the work of three master’s level clinicians who operate in private practice in the Hamilton area.

Feel free to contact Dr. Cooper and associates if you have additional questions regarding his practice, fees, approach to therapy, or availability.  At present therapy is available Monday through Friday in person in office, outdoor walk and talk or kayak around Bayfront Park.  Services are also available via phone or video conference.

Contact Information

Dr. Nathan J. Cooper, C. Psych.

40 Guise St. E.

Hamilton, ON L8l 4L9

TELEPHONE 289 925 8256

EMAIL njcooper72@gmail.com